Using Smart Objects in Photoshop

Smart Objects are the powerhouse of the mockup.
They make it super easy to add your art to the template in just a few clicks.

Okay...but, what is a Smart Object?
It is a functional little container for your artwork!

No Photoshop? No problem!

There are free and affordable alternatives to Photoshop such as Photopea, GIMP and Affinity Photo. These programs can be used to edit Photoshop Documents with full Smart Object functionality - meaning you can easily place your artwork.

*Unfortunately these programs DON'T OFFER VIDEO capabilities, so without access to Adobe Photoshop, video mockups can only be used as stills.

  • Photopea

    Photopea is a free web-based photo and graphics editor that can handle Photoshop documents.

  • GIMP

    GIMP is a free downloadable photo and graphics editor that can handle Photoshop documents.

  • Affinity Photo

    Affinity Photo is an affordable software for photo and graphic design that can handle Photoshop documents.


Selecting the Correct Frame Size

Choosing the correct Frame Ratio for your artwork is an important consideration.

You can use the filter to view different sizes.

Due to the nature of Digital Products, they are non-refundable so please reach out before your purchase if you are unsure about Frame or Document sizing.

Using a Mockup

  1. Unzip your files
  2. Open the Photoshop Document (.psd)
  3. Double Click to Enter the Smart Object
  4. Add Your Art and Save
  5. Export!

Our Freebies come with instructions, so you can test out the process.

  • Document Size

    We provide high resolution mockups in a variety of sizes. Our most common ratio is usually (a wide angle) 1:1 to allow for cropping.

  • Standard Frames Sizes

    Our mockups are designed based on the most popular standard frame sizes like A Ratio, 4x5, 3x4, 5x7 etc.

  • Mat Boards

    Many of our mockups include a Full Frame Layout as well as a resizable Mat Board Layout.