How to Use Mockups in Photoshop

What are Mockups?

Mockups help visualise a design in its physical form, giving it life beyond a flat plane. They are efficient tools for businesses and creators to quickly imagine new ideas, while saving time and money.

Mockups can help potential clients quickly grasp the essence of your product, giving your designs a distinct and professional presentation to cut through the clutter.

Where to find quality mockups?

Mockups allow seamless edits to your designs for quick updates as you go.
They can be used for photography, artwork, paintings, prints, digital artwork, graphic design, and a host of creative endeavours. 

Mockup should be well-organised, layered design templates that allow customisation to present a certain concept, artwork or product. 

Popular Types of Mockups
Product Mockups, Art and Poster mockups, Device Mockups, Out of Home Mockups, Stationary and Brand Collateral mockups

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